Have any questions about Hegelianism? Send me an email, I’d love to help. Questions help me to think through things more clearly, so please ask away.

I am college educated, and though I lack a finished degree—life happens—I continue studying my interests on my own time. I’ve many interests, but for now I am mainly focusing on philosophy, particularly the philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel (I’ve read more philosophers than just Hegel). This blog is a place where I intend to post my attempts at clarification of philosophical concepts and issues by translating them into more common language without butchering too much of the technical specificity, as well as recording my progress in tackling difficult concepts and ideas.

Regarding my posts on Hegel, unless I mention an interpretation I’m borrowing from, the thought process displayed is my own attempting to map Hegel’s. All photographic images are taken and edited by me. All diagrams are my own unless noted otherwise.

I have a youtube channel with audio recordings of what I consider the more important core blogs in a slightly reworked manner.

This blog is, overall, the public trail of my mistakes in coming to grips with the world of thought, but above all it exists as an aid for others.