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Translation used: Pinkard


Sense Certainty

Perception [part 1];   [part 2]

Force and Understanding [part 1];   [part 2]

The Truth of Self-Certainty: Life

The Master and Slave [Part 1];   [Part 2]

General Comments

Section 1: Consciousness

Is There A Justification of Method?Yes, The Method is Justified.

Critique of A Comment By Bernstein on Self and World


Substance as Subject

Why Self-Consciousness Needs Two

Reading Group Recordings

Expositions are not intended to be extensive commentaries nor even summaries. They are attempts at making a more explicit unpacked exposition of the logical moves which occur in the Phenomenology from within its forms of consciousness. These follow all essential sections move for move, often attempting to rephrase the more obtuse turns of phrase, however this is still using Hegel’s language for the most part. There is a lot of expansion and repetition in order to make explicit the connections being carried on. One could say I’m almost simply reorganizing the original work, as such I don’t claim any originality for ideas, only for this rearticulation in more explicit structure.

I mainly write these as my own way to comprehend Hegel’s work through the exercise of explaining to others. Sometimes the exposition may exceed the length of the actual source due to my desire to make explicit what is implicit in Hegel’s denseness.

Because of the importance of “dialectical thinking” in all of Hegel’s works, and my experience of coming to grips with this mode of thinking, I cannot and do not recommend the Phenomenology as one’s first reading of Hegel. I recommend that one begin with the first chapters of the Science of Logic in order to grasp dialectics in their purity, this post explains my reasons.